Case Study – Derek


We asked Derek a few questions about his involvement with the charity and here’s what he had to say….

What do you think of our cooking demonstrations?

“I attended the ‘sauce and gravy’ demonstration and also the one with ‘pasta and rice salad and bruschetta’. If only I knew it was so easy to put together tasty meals from what I used to consider as waste!”

What have you learned from the gardening workshops?

“After attending the gardening workshops at Dyce Park and the edible flower workshop it has reawakened my appetite to grow my own. I went and bought a seed propagation kit and hopefully, I will get to enjoy watching my favourite food – tomatoes – grow on my windowsill. Can’t wait to taste them. I was delighted to win a £20 voucher from the climate awareness questionnaire that I completed online.”

What is your opinion on climate change?

“It’s real, it’s happening and it’s man-made. I was pleasantly surprised that individual actions can account for 40% of emissions, so the situation doesn’t feel hopeless, it feels that my individual actions will actually count even though I’m just one individual. Before knowing this I would often think ‘what’s the point, I’m just one person. Small actions can make big difference. The more we educate people on the subject the better.”

We’re delighted to see the difference our work is making within the community, and we’ll continue running fun, free, educational activities.