The Effects of Climate Change on Scotland Wouldn’t a little global warming do us the world of good in cold, damp Scotland? The answer is no; as the effects of climate change accelerate, we can expect an increase in rainfall and extreme weather events. Not quite the Mediterranean climate some of us were hoping for. So how is climate change affecting Scotland, and has it already had an effect on our biggest cities? The UK Climate Impacts Programme has reported a 67-69% rise in rainfall since 1961 in the North and West and 35%

Bridge The Gap

Bridge The Gap Food and Environment Living in the city, we sometimes feel less connected with our natural environment and we are often less concerned with environmental issues. We don’t realise that if our environment suffers, we will suffer too. We aim to highlight some issues around agriculture, nutrition and the environment and we would like to invite you to the University of Glasgow to discuss and learn more about the following topics: Reconnecting with nature and enjoying its benefits; the role of green spaces and community gardens on health and wellbeing. How

Case Study – Maria Cannon

Case Study – Maria Cannon Hobbies That Allow Me To Create Things There are some hobbies that allow me to create things, others allow me to use my creativity. Some I do because they help me get exercise, and some I do because they relax me. It’s rare to find a hobby that accomplishes all of these, but gardening does. Whether I’m maintaining an acre of flowers and vegetables or a small front yard garden, the processes are the same. For me, gardening is the ultimate mental health booster. Here’s how. It gives

Case Study – Derek

Case Study – Derek Involvement We asked Derek a few questions about his involvement with the charity and here’s what he had to say…. What do you think of our cooking demonstrations? “I attended the ‘sauce and gravy’ demonstration and also the one with ‘pasta and rice salad and bruschetta’. If only I knew it was so easy to put together tasty meals from what I used to consider as waste!” What have you learned from the gardening workshops?

Project Green Feet

Project Green Feet Our Work With Schools Our work with schools in the area has been going great. We’ve reached over 800 children! We’ve been to Hyndland Primary, Broomhill Primary and the Glasgow Gaelic School and we’re currently running workshops with St Charles’ Primary so we’ll see that number go up to quadruple figures by the end of the year. We think that it’s really important to encourage a connection with nature from an early age. It’s been such a treat working with all these children, playing games and quizzes about vegetables, where

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